Jesse has changed my life

I started working with Jesse in 2015. One year later my lifestyle has completely changed. I am fit, healthy and happy. I’m a better and happier person due to the work I have done with Jesse

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I work with clients from all walks of life, located all over the world. My services are designed to assist me in sharing my passion with you all. Whatever goals you hope to achieve I will work with you to make them a reality.

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My journey

I have been put on this planet is to use my personality, knowledge and skills to positively influence and change people’s lives through transforming the way they look and feel.

My Philosophy

World Class Fitness Coaching and App-Based Online Training

I created Jesse Wynyard fitness from to top bottom, to offer the highest quality services and experience to my clients

On the go

You take your JWF programme with you. My app allows you (and I) to follow and track your training plans and log each workout. Notifications remind you of what workouts they need to complete.

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Meal Planning

Reach your long-term health and fitness goals with customised meal planning. Be motivated by macro and calorie goals. By using the MyFitnessPal add-on, you’ll be able to view and better analyse your nutrition stats.

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Through my app we are always connected. I can keep an eye on your fitness journey. The in-app chat messaging and the Skype add-on are your one-stop shop for on-going communication.

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Track and measure

Review your journey. Track completed workouts, log body stats and add progress photos. Get visibility and analyse progress to achieve your goals.

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Personal Training


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Real World Results

“We have both trained with Jesse since the beginning of 2015 and have achieved amazing results, We have both lost 10kgs of body fat, gained a significant amount of muscle and  strength and drastically improved our fitness.”

Mary Kath and Krista

Auckland, New Zealand

“Jesse is the best in the business and has educated me on many advanced training and nutrition techniques to support me in my goal to lose body fat and build muscle, Jesse is a true professional!”

Joe BloggsSunil

New Zealand

“I worked with Jesse throughout my 90-day Nutra Bullet challenge and not only did I completely change my physical appearance, my fitness level, strength and endurance has increased dramatically!”

Jo Wickliffe

New Zealand


My Latest News

Success Story – Joey D – 37, NZ

I have been working with Joey for almost 2 months now. He came to me with the goal of dropping down to 5% body fat while building a significant amount of muscle in his upper and lower body. While a lot of people would agree that it is not possible to drop body fat and...

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Success Story – Sakula Costar – 22, NZ

Super proud of my beautiful girlfriend for making some insane progress over the past few months with her training nutrition and lifestyle. When I met Sakula, it was normal for her to smoke a pack of cigarettes per day, eat fast food multiple times per day and would...

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Success Story – Alan Gibson – 20, NZ

At 19 years of age, Alan has made some amazing progress with me over the last 4 months. My goal with Alan was to build muscle and strength while dropping body fat at the same time. A lot of people think that this method isn’t possible and you need to “Bulk” and “Cut”...

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