“I believe that the key to life is balance, I take a scientific approach to help build and develop sustainable lifestyle changes for each individual’s preference.”

Who is Jesse Wynyard?

In 2011 I reached the first major low point in my life.

  • I had dropped out of high school due to my lack of interest in most of the subjects I was learning.
  • I had been fired from my door to door sales job due to non-attendance. (I never really enjoyed working under someone)
  • At that stage I had been kicked out of home due to reckless behaviour.
  • I had gotten myself into a bad circle of influence.
  • I had no money and no form of income.
  • I would do drugs every day.
  • I was 17 years old.

I lived this lifestyle for about 6 months before realising that I was heading down a really dangerous path.

I knew that I had to make some big changes in my life and that the first thing I had to change was my MINDSET.

I poured hours of my time into studying topics like The Law of Attraction and the Science of Success and began to apply a lot of what I was learning to my life.

Then a miracle happened. 6 months later and I completely changed my life around.

  • I received the Max Mastery award and finished the top in my class at Max International College of Fitness Professionals.
  • I became a Fitness Director and Public Speaker on board the second largest cruise ship in the world, The Norwegian Epic.
  • I got ranked number 1 of 24 highest revenue producing fitness directors in the Norwegian Fleet.
  • I had the opportunity to travel and work in over 24 different countries during my 9 month contract.
  • I had a beautiful baby son.

Having travelled the world as a successful cruise line personal trainer, I arrived back in New Zealand at the age of 19 with the life experience, credentials and skills of someone twice my age.

I then became the general manager of one of the largest, most successful supplement companies in New Zealand, NZ Muscle.

It was at this moment that I was introduced into the New Zealand fitness industry.

After meeting many famous fitness stars and hosting at many expos I then fell in love with this fitness lifestyle and decided to pursue my passion as a career and started my own personal training business, Jesse Wynyard Fitness.

3 years, 6 bodybuilding competitions, hundreds of clients and 10,000 followers later I found my true calling in life which is transforming peoples lives through health and fitness.

I take a scientific approach to getting sustainable results for my clients while providing them with mindset coaching, individually customised training programs, calculated and flexible meal plans and weekly accountability.

  • 7+ Years training experience
  • #1 Highest revenue producing Fitness Director in Norwegian Cruise lines
  • Public Speaker
  • NZ Muscle General Manager
  • Nutrition Systems Sponsored Athlete
  • Gym Steeze Sponsored Athlete
  • Snap Fitness Albany Gym Manager
  • Owner and Director of Jesse Wynyard Fitness
  • MAX Mastery Award
  • Double diploma in Fitness and Business
  • Fitness Certificate level III
  • Fitness Certificate level IV
  • Steiner Nutrition and Detoxification
  • Box-Fit Instructor
  • TRX Instructor
  • Ashtanga Yoga Instructor
  • Bootcamp co-ordinator
Competition Experience
  • 2013 NZIFBB Waikato Regionals – Mens Physique
  • 2014 NZIFBB Waikato Regionals – Mens Physique 2nd Place
  • 2014 NZIFBB Nationals – Mens Physique
  • 2015 NZIFBB Pro/Am – Mens Physique 3rd Place
  • 2015 NZIFBB Nationals – Mens Physique

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