My Philosophy

Flexible nutrition, physical exercise and the power of the mind – The ultimate trinity of external and internal success.

“I believe that your health and fitness goals should manifest into a LIFESTYLE opposed to a short term goal with an end date. It is important to have the right guidance from somebody who cares, find balance and most importantly develop a healthy relationship with exercise and food in order to achieve sustainability.”

Why I do it

“I have been put on this planet is to use my personality, knowledge and skills to positively influence and change people’s lives through transforming the way they look and feel.”

I am in the transformation business because I see so many people out there with amazing health and fitness goals but they just don’t know where to start or how to get there. I know what it’s like to work hard towards something and achieve nothing. It sucks and it feels un motivating and unfortunately 70% of people in the gym these days fall under that category.

I do what I do because I enjoy changing people’s lives through transforming their bodies, health and fitness but most importantly, EDUCATING them along the way so they can sustain the results themselves and live a happier, fitter and healthier lifestyle.

How I do it

“As a coach, it is important for me to make sure the program is realistic, easy to follow and based around their lifestyle to achieve sustainable results and longevity.”

There are so many programs and diets out there these days that all say they are the “right one for you.”
I tend to disagree with this because I have seen how a lot of these programs are developed, and a majority of them are cookie cutter programs with no specification towards the individual.

After working with so many clients I understand that every single person in this world is different and unique!

We all live different lifestyles, work different schedules and enjoy different foods so in order to create a program that is going to work for you, I must take into consideration all of these variables to create something realistic and easy to follow for you so it is something you can sustain for the rest of your life.

What do I offer?

Individualised training, nutrition and mind set coaching through the JWF Smartphone Application

To get you started on your body transformation we must first discuss your goals and formulate a game plan on how we are going to achieve them.

I offer FREE face to face, or skype consultations. For those wanting to get started click here.

After your consultation I will then build both an exercise program and an eating plan that is designed around your body type, goals, schedule and lifestyle.

Your program will be uploaded to you through the JWF Smartphone App where you will receive full daily workouts, meals and exercise videos. We will catch up and go over your goals every 2 weeks as accountability is KEY when achieving any goal.

I am on call 24 / 7 with all of my clients and I do my best to get back to everyone within 1-3 days if there is any questions that need answering.