At 19 years of age, Alan has made some amazing progress with me over the last 4 months.

My goal with Alan was to build muscle and strength while dropping body fat at the same time. A lot of people think that this method isn’t possible and you need to “Bulk” and “Cut” to make any kind of progress. However, my methods of programming ensure you can get both done at the same time.

Alan is a prime example as to why you SHOULDN’T focus on how much you weigh on a scale and that your weight is irrelevant to your body composition and physical appearance.

Over the 16-week period, Alans weight fluctuated up and down but generally stayed around the 84kg mark. However, he has dropped from 15% body fat to 7% body fat losing a total of 8kgs of body fat whilst gaining 6kg of lean mass in the process.

Now he stands only a few kilos off his starting weight at 81kgs but looking like a completely different person.

Alan has only been training with me twice per week in person and has also been following a meal plan designed by me which is available through the JWF Training App.

At 7% he is currently 11 weeks out from the NZIFBB Waikato Men’s Physique Competition so you haven’t seen nothing yet!

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