I have been working with Joey for almost 2 months now. He came to me with the goal of dropping down to 5% body fat while building a significant amount of muscle in his upper and lower body.

While a lot of people would agree that it is not possible to drop body fat and build muscle at the same time. My methods of training and nutrition prove otherwise.

Joey is currently on a ketogenic, carb cycling diet. Where he has a combination of low carb, high fat days and high carb, low fat days whilst always consistently eating a high amount of protein.

This speeds up his metabolism and recovery so that he can cut weight and gain muscle at the same time.
He is still allowed to eat his favourite foods twice per week to ensure that this lifestyle is sustainable, however this man works harder than most people in the gym so he earns every cheat meal he gets.

Joeys strength has increased dramatically with all of the fundamental compound movements. His squat, bench press and deadlift have gone from 60kgs to 120kgs on all three movements.

Joey began at 14.6% body fat and has now recently checked in at 7.4% body in only 6 weeks. Our next goal is to get Joey down to 5% in the next 6 weeks to potentially have him do a men’s physique competition at the end of the year.

Look forward to coaching him to victory.

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