Super proud of my beautiful girlfriend for making some insane progress over the past few months with her training nutrition and lifestyle.

When I met Sakula, it was normal for her to smoke a pack of cigarettes per day, eat fast food multiple times per day and would barely weight train or exercise.

In no way was she overweight or out of shape but we both mutually agreed that she would look and feel a lot better if she built some muscle, dropped some body fat and made some big changes with her nutrition and lifestyle to benefit her health and wellbeing.


6 Months later and she has

  • Quit smoking
  • Gone from 20% body fat to 13% body fat (aiming for 10%)
  • Still eats her favourite foods TWICE per week
  • Knows the fundamentals of Flexible Dieting and knows how to calculate calories and macronutrients according to her goals
  • Has added 4kgs of lean muscle mass to her frame
  • Shrunken her waist size and now has a strong core and visible 6 pack
  • Can squat 90kgs and deadlift 100kgs
  • Built herself a booty of the gods.


It’s been a privilege to coach and mentor Sakula and I look forward to the next 6 months.


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